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Eternal Hug Ring (Gold)

Eternal Hug Ring (Gold)

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 Adjustable design for better fitting and comfort. 

hug is the most ancient and effective way to show your love and affection, you can now show your love with a hug that will never end!
Offering a hug is the timeless and most impactful means of displaying your affection and love. Presently, you have the opportunity to convey your boundless affection through an eternal embrace!
Hugging is not only the most beautiful form of saying “ you matter to me ”, also it’s a silent way of expressing “ I Love You Forever ”. A hug to say that you are special, the most beautiful and warmest love, perfect gift for your lover.

Embracing is a timeless, impactful way to show love. Now, share endless affection through an eternal hug!

How to Adjust Ring Size

The hug ring is adjustable ring designed, so it’s flexible and enough to be gently squeezed or slightly flared for adjustment when you want a perfect fit.

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