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Alexandrite Chevron Ring

Alexandrite Chevron Ring

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Are you looking for a minimalist engagement ring?

Are you trying to find something unique and eye-catching but simple at the same time?

If you said "yes" for both this questions, here's my alexandrite engagement ring :) Because of it's geometric, V-shape band the ring is truly elegant and minimalist. But the star of the ring is the alexandrite - a stone which changes it's color depending on the light conditions. Alexandrite is green in the daylight, purple in the incandescent light and sometimes it shimmers in both colors at the same time. It's not magic but a fully natural phenomenon. The stone I used to make this ring has beautiful brilliance and it's really hard to take eyes of it. Just like it's hard to show all charm of alexandrite on a photo :)

* Material: sterling silver or 14K white, yellow or rose gold
* Finish: mirror polished
* Stone: lab grown alexandrite
* Stone diameter: 5 mm
* Stone color: green in the daylight, purple in the incandescent light

The ring will arrive in a black and elegant jewelry box.

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